Terescenco family members,: Andreea and her daughter Rebecca


Rebecca is Andreea's main inspiration and motivation factor.

Rebecca is a sweet 8 years old girl who loves to sing, play piano, dance, paint, draw, make gifts and listen stories. She also loves to travel and she is very social.

Andreea's father is her idol and life managing example.

Andreea's skills and creativity just naturally comes along with her presence.

Fairyland - Bjørvikstranda Exclusive Studio

a school with 13 years of experience in teaching and exploring fine arts

Andreea is born and educated in Romania. She choosed to live in Norway in 2005 and today she still thinks she lives in the most beautiful place on earth - Bjørvikstranda.. (Gaular)

Andreea has a post-university specialization in choir direction from NTNU(Trondheim, Norway).

She also has a master degree in music pedagogy from Spiru Haret University(Bucharest, Romania)

She is educated as pianist in D.Cuclin Arts Highschool(Galati, Romania)

Andreea travels abroad for dance trainings with different recognised mentors. As she recommend to all her students, she keeps on learning all the time. 

"That's what makes you

a better version of you."

Andreea is trained and took several courses in leadership and management.. Per today she leads an state arts school in Askvoll County, having also the responsibility for the cultural development of this county. Beside she leads her own private arts centre. Andreea is producer and organizer, beeing known for her genuine shows, tours, spectacles, events.

With 17 years of music education and 21 years experience working for music theatre, orchestras, governmental art schools and collegge institutions, private art associations, choirs, schools - your meet with Andreea in the professional boat can be quite an unique experience.

Short Experience Brief

Today Andreea works as school principle of the Askvoll Kulturskule(Askvoll, No).

Parallel she is freelancing, teaching music and dance, managing the festivals: Mambomania - Bergen and Norwegian Afro-Latin Extravaganza - Førde all under the umbrella of Bjørvikstranda Exclusive Studio.

1997 - 2017

- teacher/coach/lecturer

- composer/arrangor

- master pianist for ballett and instrumentalists in theatre, eurhythmic dancers

- producer

- event manager

- orchestra music director

- artist contact

- art school principle

- choir conductor

- tour planer

- superviser in different productions

- inspirator/workshops

- coreographer/regi/scenografy

- marketing/bussiness plans

- foundator and leader of the only showchoir on the west coast of Norway with several sold out performances and shows

(Showkoret Surround)

- promotor of carribean dances & music in Sogn og Fjordane district.

- foundator and organizer of Norwegian Afro-Latin Extravaganza in Førde.

- foundator and organizer of Mambomania - Bergen

- foundator and leader of the project Happy Feet 

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The art of connection

 The art of connection is a combination of knowledge, experience and talent to put your soul in what you do.

Focus on effectiviness and the learning processes - this is the never ending story we keep adding new chapters to.

When you want to learn, well it should be somebody there to respect you for this, guide you and hold your hand so you can pass successfully all the ups & downs of the learning process.

Everything about learning and how you relate with it is a state of mind. And your mind is not always making things easier for you.

With this understanding we are here to support, encourage, push, laugh and cry together, share the passion for learning with you and see you growing into a better version of YOU.