Study Tours

Upcoming Study Tour no.3: 27.09 - 02.10 2018

Malaga Salsa Study Tour

- Intens training week with the cream of Malaga (salsa, bachata, technique and more)

- Special Classes only for our group designed to improve you fast

- Classes in spanish latin dance schools - interract and dance with spanish local students

- Salsa Clubing - social dancing evenings in different salsa clubs on the coast of Malaga

- Exclusive taste experiences - guided by, together with and at the recommendations of our dance teachers will we eat in places tourists never find and enjoy great meals & drinks you will remember long after the tour is over.

- Safe - we are always together with one of our teachers or administrators. Locals knows best!

- Unique social experience

- 1 or 2 days of chill - days you don't dance, but you maybe think of it or talk about it.

- a bit of sightseeing

- Sayonara Dinner together with all the instructors you have been learned from.